Chances are that whether you are just starting out, or you've been trying to build your business for a while, marketing can feel absolutely overwhelming (as well as downright icky). 

There’s so many things to consider when starting out… 

📱How much time do you spend posting on social media? (Without losing your soul?)

🚧How much to invest in your website? Do you even need a website?

🌱How do you even know if you’re on the right track with all your efforts? 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all it took to be a successful herbalist was to simply be a good herbalist? 
That you simply had to learn your craft, then hang your herbalist shingle and people would flock to you for herbal services and products? 
Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. 
What’s worse is that this misconception is stopping many herbalists from thriving. 
I believe this world needs more earth-centered herbalists who are striving to make positive impacts in their communities. 
That not only means more people who want to learn about healing plants, but also includes more people who can successfully make their way as herbalists by earning a decent income. 
If you would like to have more herbal clients, increase your sales of herbal products, or fill your herbal classes with enthusiastic students, then I’ve created this online course for you.

Bloom is a succinct online course that shows you exactly what you need to know to create an ethical and thriving herbal business. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:
▪️ Who is your ideal customer and how to find them. 
▪️ How to make your offerings an easy “YES” to prospective customers.
▪️ How to figure out what’s your main driver of clients/students/sales. 
▪️ How to focus on getting results that matter and avoid marketing overwhelm with the try-to-do-it-all mentality. 
▪️ The benefits plus hidden costs of SEO* and social media. (*search engine optimization)
▪️ How to create regenerative marketing to find new clients/customers/students without getting burnt out. 

Here’s what’s included in Bloom: 
▪️ 2-hour recorded live webinar that includes about 90 minutes of class and then Q&A. 
▪️A bonus class on delegating and getting help. 
▪️ Essential handouts to get you started with your online marketing strategies. 
▪️ My exclusive list of resources to point you in your next direction.
▪️ Lifetime access to all materials.
My Story

Hi, I’m Rosalee de la Forêt. I’m a bestselling author, herbal teacher, and I’ve made my living almost exclusively from online offerings. 

Early on in my own path I realized that if I truly wanted to make it as an herbalist I needed to be successful at marketing. Over the past decade I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours learning from some of the best online marketers of our time. 

As a result I’ve gone from living in a cabin with no running water, making below the poverty line, to now living in my dream house with a team of 9 people who help my herbal business to flourish. What's best is that I get emails every day from folks all around the world saying how much my offerings have improved their lives.

 Start Your Herbal Success Story

This world needs more successful herbalists - that means you! 
I know how difficult and expensive it can be to start investing in marketing courses. Over the past decade I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours in the online marketing world. 
Bloom gives you succinct and actionable information that makes a HUGE difference in your business. 
You don’t want to spend countless hours and tons of money in order to get started and I don’t want you to either! 
With Bloom there’s no fluff. 
There’s also no slimy marketing or get-rich-quick-schemes. I’m giving you the blueprint you need to get started fast.

"I have dreamed of having an herbal business where I can bring more people to plants but the idea of starting my own herbal business was overwhelming and terrifying.
Bloom helped me understand the foundations of starting an herbal business and gave me the confidence to overcome those fears with amazing guidance, encouragement and resources.
Rosalee's class has helped me develop a plan that considers both my values and the ideal customers for my business, providing me with a rich soil in which I can plant my herbal business!"
-Sarah Aiken


If you’re ready to grow your heart centered business, then Bloom was created for you! 
So, what does Bloom cost? 
If you were to hire me as a business consultant it would be $600 an hour. Yes, my advice and many years of experience is worth that and more! 
However, to make these teachings accessible to many I’m offering this class for $197.  
With Bloom you’ll get the blueprint to all my online marketing secrets. You don’t want to miss this!

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Are you wondering if Bloom is right for you? I have poured my heart into this class to ensure that it will help you grow your business! I have so much confidence in Bloom that I’m standing behind it with a 100% 14-day guarantee. If you take Bloom and decide it’s not for you, simply email us and we’ll give you a full refund. We’ll even thank you for taking the time to check it out. Don’t let uncertainty stand in between you and success! Bloom is entirely risk-free!

"This was seriously the best investment I’ve ever made in my lil business! Feels like you packed in a 1 week seminar - in a good way! I have lots of homework but it all feels doable! My favorite thing was that it was gentle and affirming while being focused on authenticity and strategies to show up as we are."
-Damiana Calvario

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?
▪️ You’ve started or completed your herbal training and now you have an herbal business (or idea) and want to learn how to authentically market that business online. 
▪️ You’re curious about what it takes to be an herbal entrepreneur. 
▪️ You’re overwhelmed with all the marketing advice out there and you want a clear and simple start point. 
▪️ You want to avoid icky marketing techniques based on false promises, fear, or any other shudder-worthy tactics. 
▪️ You want to have a successful herbal business whether it’s full time or on the side. 
▪️ You’re struggling to generate clients/students with your current online marketing. 

Who isn’t this class for? 
▪️ If you already have extensive experience in online marketing. 
▪️ If you aren’t interested in being an entrepreneur or having your own business. 
▪️ You mainly want to explore marketing outside of online options.  
▪️ You already know lots about online marketing and you’re needing help with taxes, legal advice, and business set up. 
▪️ You mainly want to know how to set up GMPs for your herbal products. 
▪️ You want to use icky, shudder-worthy marketing tactics.

Will I have lifetime access? 

Yes, you will get lifetime access to the recording and materials. In fact I am putting so much actionable material in this class that I highly recommend you watch it multiple times, revisiting the material as you reach the next step in your own business. 

How do I know if this is worth my time? 

I have been studying online marketing and then using it successfully for over a decade. This class is the distillation of all those years into a succinct model for you to follow. Essentially, this is the class I wish I had taken ten years ago. It would have saved me a LOT of time and money. If you want to successfully and authentically market your herbal business online, this is worth your time. 

What are your qualifications? 

I’m a successful herbalist and entrepreneur who loves to learn and to teach. I’ve also worn many hats in my herbal path. Over my two decades of being an herbalist I’ve had over 20,000 students, was an herbal practitioner for 6 years, have written two bestselling books, and have a solid reach through social media and YouTube. I’ve gone from living below the poverty line to living my dream life with a comfortable living and a thriving herbal business. 

How does this class compare to other more extensive and expensive online marketing classes out there? 

This is an introductory class to online marketing. I am succinctly distilling many years of my own studies and practice to give you a clear starting point. My goal is to point you in a solid direction without going over your head or creating overwhelm. You may find down the road that a six month course that costs thousands of dollars is the right decision for you. However, this is a low cost and low risk way to get your online marketing started.

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Here's What Others are Saying About Bloom...

Compared to just about every other course or webinar I had done on this topic, Bloom was such a refreshing business skills offering. Rosalee provided sensible and actionable steps to help me narrow my focus and set doable short term and long term goals. Her delivery was professional and her knowledge of "business-y things" was impressive; but she was also relatable as a peer with a passion for herbs and healing.
I have re-watched the first webinar and taken many nuggets of wisdom in my notebook, the action-sheets are a useful tool and there's still one more webinar to watch, so it is also super value for the money spent. I recommend Bloom 100%.
-Katie Rainbird

Before I enrolled in Bloom, there was a lot of dread about everything that is marketing. With Rosalee's help, my mind feels relieved, as I now have clear steps to take and a much better understanding about where to start and how to really get things moving!  It shone a light on the places where I need to put energy into and grow (whether I like it or not!).  I feel inspired and supported to dig my heels in and take a leap!
-Alyssa C

As a biologist and herbal artist, I so obviously DON'T have the skill set needed to share my work with others. So, taking Rosalee's class, BLOOM, just made so much sense to me.  I know the beautiful quality of Rosalee's work.  I've taken several of her other classes.  She is down-to-earth, encouraging, chock full of information and warm--- everything I needed to get me on the "business road!"  Thank you, Rosalee, for this "gift of knowledge and love…"
-Jane Lingua

I was really struggling with the best ways to combine my knowledge and interest in various aspects of herbalism, while maintaining  access to whatever I offer to a large economic demographic.  And all this while making a good income without seeming like a greedy capitalist (!!!!).  This course has helped me define my goals and target audience so thoroughly,  the rest of my burning concerns have answered themselves!  I have passed GO on a business plan and have started test marketing my services.   How exciting is that???  What a relief!

I signed up for Bloom because l’m passionate about working with people and plants. I seemed to have no shortage of good intentions, but I was feeling completely lost and stuck when it came to effectively communicating how I wanted to do that. I was definitely the one in my own way! I had considered working on some marketing techniques but it felt so cringey to me. Then I saw that Rosalee was offering Bloom and I signed up immediately! I had already studied with her in previous courses so I knew I could trust her and the kind of integrity she brings to everything she does. Everything I learned was so helpful! It was clearly explained and met me right where I was at. I now have an actual plan laid out on how to achieve my goals as well as a lengthy list of resources to use along the way that I know I can trust. I’m feeling so grateful and like I saved myself a bunch of time, money and frustration I would have inevitably experienced if I had neglected to set up my foundation properly
-Tara Stanclik

Bloom is a very practical class. It teaches the importance of marketing. Before Bloom, marketing seemed like something I just wanted to avoid. It was just too overwhelming. Now I have more confidence and feel like I have a starting point. I feel like I can break down what I need to do into an action plan. I am looking for and finding the joy in marketing. Rosalee showed me what areas I should be spending my time on as well as the areas that would not be very effective. Her downloadable action sheets are thought provoking and help you to really get thinking about yourself and your business. The checklists provided help to keep you focused in the right direction. She also provides a resource list of trusted people that can help you expand your knowledge in the marketing area.
-wendy peterson

I wasn’t sure if I should invest the money into Bloom. But I was excited to find out it was well worth my money and time. Having no marketing experience… it seemed very overwhelming to start an online business. Where do you start? Rosalee breaks it down very simply and the handouts and a resource section are invaluable and will definitely save a lot of time. There is a lot of work to do when you are starting but Bloom takes the guesswork out.
-Tanya Reitz

I wasn't sure that Bloom was exactly what I needed because I'm not good at marketing (trapped in the thinking "marketing is like to be a shark!"), but just after 30 minutes in the class I was sure this was the right place for me! :-D
I'm working with herbs since many years and in the last 2 years I'm more connected with people and their needs through courses and herbal experiences in the nature.
I'm not focused on selling physical stuff (even if this is a part of what I make), but more to give knowledge and until now I was giving to the people EVERYTHING I know so that they won't be disappointed or bored.
This was just taking A LOT of my energy, and even if the people I'm working with are very happy, I did notice that it was not easy for them to follow all that there's in my mind about plants.
With Bloom I understood very fast how to focus one one thing at time and how to target my audience and starting with simple steps which are not overwhelming for me and neither for them.
Bloom did help me to understand how to use social media in a better way and improved also my creativity with it.
I've discovered that marketing is not just "selling", but a great opportunity to know yourself better and be more creative while you love what you are doing.
Thank you Rosalee for all you do in the herbalist world: I think that Bloom is a super course to complete your skills as herbalist and really doing something better for the world and environment! :-)
-Fran Syv

Bloom has helped me find a solid vision for my business and has helped me create a step by step plan to get there. Previous to this class, I was going in many directions with my herbal business and marketing was very overwhelming.  With the help of this course I have focused in on what brings me joy and how to offer that to the world.  I'm enjoying putting time into marketing and feel inspired.  I'm so grateful for you sharing this with us.  Thank you, thank you Rosalee!
-Leslie Lekos

Before Bloom I was all over the place, unsure of what to start with and where my focus should be. The exercises in this program helped me to examine the ways my skills intersected within herbalism to help me to find my niche and gave me a roadmap for building a solid marketing strategy that doesn’t rely on social media content. I feel so much less overwhelmed and so much more motivated to work on my business.

Bloom came along at just the right time for me. I am finishing up my masters degree in herbal medicine and feeling the anxiety well up over how I am going to apply this knowledge and step out into a new career in herbalism. I am not as comfortable with business matters as I know I need to be. I found Bloom to be a very helpful step in the direction of understanding business matters. Rosalee is full of practical, experiential knowledge, and I'm so thankful she set up this course to pass on that wisdom.
-Jamie VanNess

Before Bloom, I was exhausting myself fighting the adversarial algorithms of social media to expand the reach of my business. I felt like I was facing a mountain I couldn't figure out how to climb. Through Bloom, I learned I didn't have to run myself ragged fighting a system not working for me. I could take a smarter and more effective approach! It helped me take a deeper look at what I wanted my business to be and where I wanted to take it. These lessons totally changed the game for me and they will for you too.
-Jamie Sandberg

Bloom has helped me to get a clearer picture of the fundamentals of starting an herbal business. The pyramid that Rosalee provides is gold worth! She is able to explain what and why those fundamentals are important and why you should focus on them. A class that is relevant for people all over the world.
-Liz H.

I wasn’t sure if Bloom was right for me because I had already taken so many business "start up" courses. However, this class really helped me visualize how I have been approaching growing my business and why it wasn't working. Now I know how I need to tweak what I've already done that wasn't working, and what aspects of marketing I need to prioritize for greater success.
-Jess C.

Before bloom I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start in trying to set up a business selling herbal products, but Rosalee covers it all with options and actionable worksheets to keep you organized and on track to move forward.  
-Ang B

My love of herbalism is vast- I like to do ALL the things-  garden, make medicine, forage, bring medicinal herbs into my cooking,  blog about herbs, etc.... This is all great but I have struggled with how to create a business and narrow down my focus. When I saw this course, I knew I needed it.  Since taking Bloom,  I am now concentrating on one platform and one aspect of herbalism for my business and have actionable steps and resources to make it happen.   Thank goodness I found Bloom!!
-Sandee  Sanger

Before Bloom, I was running on autopilot with my practice although I have been wanting to expand my offerings to include more herbs. I saw Rosalee's email and thought this might be just what I need to get going. The Bloom course was a great help in getting me focused on one or two goals first rather than be overwhelmed by all the things at once. The best part is I can revisit the short course to get inspired for my next goals. Rosalee's kind and patient temperament is a great asset to the material. I feel more accountable and less overwhelmed.
-Stephanie  T.

I thought I had a good idea how to market my business in the US. Bloom not only gave me a simple and clear roadmap, but showed me how much I didn’t know and where the typical errors are. I was frankly surprised how incredibly useful this little course is. Now I feel like I know where to start and am much more motivated.
THANK YOU Rosalee 💚
-Swanie Simon

I really debated about signing up for Bloom, I kept thinking (yes, I know I overthink) I am not "there" yet. I knew I have always learned well from Rosalee and decided to go ahead and sign up. I wasn't sure that I was "ready" to take the leap into marketing, but I knew that based on past experience, I could take what I learn and apply it at my own pace, even if it isn't "right now" for me. After taking the class, I feel that I have come away with a TON of information that will serve me well. A little bit of a shortcut from having to dig through stuff on my own. I am in a self-assessment phase but this course is perfect for every level, whether you are someone like me, just starting your business or someone expanding your already successful endeavor.

Before Bloom I was overwhelmed with the thought of starting my own business.  To me, I would rather spend my time helping clients rather than spend it on marketing.  However, I know that in order to build a successful business you have to know how to market yourself.  What I love about Bloom is that Rosalee teaches you how to market yourself in an authentic way which is very important to me.  She teaches you what things are important to focus on and where to spend your money.  This was crucial for me since before this class I was focusing on the wrong things and it has helped me reprioritize what I need to focus on.  Also, the VIP resource list is jam packed with amazing resources that are vetted by Rosalee and that to me is priceless!  Rosalee is not only an amazing teacher but she is someone who I admire as a businesswoman and has built her business in such an authentic way.   I can not recommend this class highly enough.
-urmila b

I registered for Bloom having watched the marketing world online for while via emails and some web browsing, but I never felt comfortable actually following any one person's way of marketing. It all felt like the goal was still sales and somehow self-serving. Listening to Rosalee share her wisdom about marketing in Bloom, I am more open to marketing in general and I have reframed it as sharing my gifts.  This is huge. A barrier torn down. We all have gifts. It's about time I stepping into sharing mine and something in her presentation unlocked this. I now have actionable steps I am taking to share what I am here to share. After all, if no one knows about what a business or author or herbalist offers, no one will be interested. And, in the end, we do need to find people interested in what we are sharing in order to build community, engage clients and create a viable foundation for our work. She made that point clearly. We have to go to our people so they can choose to engage with us. I don't know yet how this will play out, but I feel more open a receptive to the flow.

I felt like I was spinning my wheels before Bloom. The time I spent on social media posts and ads wasn't generating enough sales to feel worth it, and I wasn't sure what direction to head in. Bloom got right to the heart of the challenges I was experiencing! Rosalee offered concrete action steps to foster genuine connections with customers and followers. I'm already seeing an uptick in website visits.
-Sarah Sorci

Before Bloom and wasn't really clear on what marketing was and the components that were involved.  As I learned the nuts and bolts, Bloom helped me have focus on my marketing "to do list".  I've already had more engagement and feel more in control of my direction and focus.  Rosalee has given so much information, but also has broken it down to be able to take bites at a time.
-Lori  Hutchinson

When I saw Bloom on Rosalee's Facebook page I immediately clicked on the link and read through her whole description and I knew this was for me. Then left the tab open and sat on the decision to sign up for the class for a week. All the while Rosalee's advice at the bottom of the Bloom sign up page scrolling through my head "make a good business decision". Well, I took the plunge finally and signed up. I was not disappointed in the least. Bloom helped me to realize I need to talk to my customers via email like I want to at festivals or if I had a brick and mortar store. I'm still working through the action sheets and figuring out just who my ideal customer is, but now I have a much better idea of how to go about this. For herbalist and herbal product makers who want to help people but also make money, this is definitely the class for you!
-Kathryn  Pagano

Just before I saw Rosalee's class in my instagram feed my mind was racing for a few weeks on how to grow my business. I just launched my first online course but I don't have a lot of followers on social media or my newsletter. So how do I grow online?? And how do I reach out with my online course?? And then this course came up in my feed! Which seriously took my stress level down by more than half. I know Rosalee's always gives a lot and systematically structures everything so well (her books are some of the best on herbalist out there)! And this class really did! The live class, Q&A and also really the hand outs.
-Karoline Karttunen

I am an herbalist. I know nothing about business. This was my dilemma. I saw other herbalists sharing their  talent and knowledge and inspiring others and I want to do the same in my community. However, my efforts to market, advertise and promote my offerings was depressing and discouraging. A few people would show up but it seemed I would put in so much time and effort and resources for a very small return.
Enter Bloom.
I listened to the course, giggled a little, took notes, and saw the way open before me. The way I wanted to form my business. It made sense and I don’t have to be an Instagram influencer (whew).
My anxiety about what to do and how to do it is gone. I now feel excited and confident that I can do this. So much gratitude for Bloom.
-Rebecca Murray

The thing that i most appreciated about the class is that Rosalee herself is so dang transparent. Lets face it marketing is kinda slimy and has that reputation... and yet, it is a necessary part of business. What i appreciated is that i did not once wonder, what is she trying to get me to do that will compromise my values? What is she presenting that she doesn't know about? What is she selling?
Rosalee is like the older sister who is just herself and sharing what she has obviously put a lot of effort into to get on top of - and she has. What she shares in the class is clear, direct, useful and full of both tips and humor. She takes a 'boring' and 'slimy' topic and not just makes it tolerable, but makes it feel manageable and shows you how to use it to your benefit without having to compromise your principals. She gives a ton of information and also a lot for you to think about. But if you think she passes on a magic wand and you won't have to put in the effort - think again. Life isn't like that. And she is the real deal. She does give lots of step by steps and lots of encouragement.
-Jessica Bryl

When Rosalee offered Bloom I couldn't pass up this opportunity. Her other teachings are so authentic and real, I knew this would get me started on the right foot in my new business. No words more true! I didn't know what I didn't know, and she opened my eyes to parts of conducting a business that feel more comfortable than what I thought, as well as the wonderful advice to take joy in the process. I can hardly wait to utilize some of the resources Rosalee has included and if anyone is wondering if they should take this course, jump in!
-Natalie Curry

Before Bloom, I was frozen -- completely paralyzed!  I've been reflecting on marketing a particular approach for three years, and didn't know how stuck I was until I spotted the course. Rosalee's wisdom, reputation and humility grabbed my attention, and I especially appreciated the idea that by engaging in marketing my work, I might better live into my calling to serve . I also appreciated her language that the course was for those who thought marketing was "icky," realizing that I felt uneasy about putting myself out there in that way. I'm so glad I enrolled -- within two weeks, I was able to move in the direction of website and newsletter progress.  Most importantly, I am so excited and energized, feeling good about what I have to offer! Thank you! Highly recommended.
-Marcia ES