What Students Are Saying...

This course changed my life. I know that may sound a little inflated, but this course taught me things about myself that I never would have known. I would have continued struggling with symptoms that I didn’t even know were related to other things, and may have gotten to a point where I wouldn’t have been able to turn back. While this course did not diagnose or treat me, it gave me the tools I needed to find the answers I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I appreciate the work that went into this course, but more than anything, I appreciate the things I learned from it.
-Michele M.

Between the volumes of information I had been reading and my faltering health I started to feel like I was drowning and was not sure which health concern to tackle FIRST. I was overwhelmed to the point of inaction. I had a lot of info but was still in the “what herb do I take for this ______” mentality. Now, after Cooling Inflammation I know that taking things slow, taking time to get to know the herbs and seeing how my body reacts to each one works SO much better for me. That a few small changes can add up quickly when it comes to my health. My only struggle now is figuring out how to try all the herbs I want to!!
-Dawn S.

Enrolling in Cooling Inflammation is one of the best decisions I've ever made! Rosalee breaks down the impact of inflammation on every system of the body in 8 weekly live classes that pack in a lot of information and a significant number of resources! The Facebook group is an additional wonderful resource. With the toolkit she and her assistant provides, anyone can make major inroads towards formulating a conceptual understanding of how and why inflammation causes the impacts on the body that it does. And, maybe even more importantly, what to do about it! This course is chock full of tangible remedies and I highly recommend it!!!
-Roshni Babb

If you're looking to improve your overall health, Cooling Inflammation is a great place to start. Even if you don't struggle with inflammation, this class is packed with knowledge and easy invitations that will help you improve your general well-being. Plus it's fun!
-Krisan Marotta

I wanted to incorporate more herbs in my diet but I didn't know where to begin. This class was a fantastic launching pad for me! This was the best course I have ever taken. The knowledge shared is fantastic but the challenges to improve my personal health made it so valuable for me. I needed this course to jumpstart my health program!
-Alice Morrison

Rosalee, you taught me so much about Chronic Inflammation and how it relates to dis-ease, and how I can help myself with any inflammatory issues I have. I have such a different perspective now on the old ways of how our ancestors used herbs, along with other modalities, to help someone to help themselves. Your teaching technique truly helped me to learn. You made it easy for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rosalee, I absolutely loved your course, it was amazing and affordable for me! Sad to see it end. Eight weeks went sooo fast! I have learnt SO much and I am still learning and will continue learning, thanks to you. You have inspired me to better my own health and those close to me. This course is beautifully presented and you made it FUN for me to learn. Keep up with your awesome teaching ways. Well done. I will be HIGHLY recommending your course to others here in New Zealand. Blessed be,
-Leanne Bolton

I absolutely loved this class! Rosalee is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher! She inspires her students to approach learning and incorporating health behavior changes with joy! The idea of choosing a plant ally to work with over the eight weeks of the course is brilliant and such fun! I also really loved the weekly invitations, another wonderful way to learn and bring positive changes into our lives. Arranging the course by body system was a great way to organize the material and made so much sense. I have been a community herbalist for thirty years and I learned so much to make positive changes in my life and to bring them to others as well. A great course!
-Liz Westwater

Cooling Inflammation with Rosalee & Karin was wonderfully enlightening and informative. There were many chances for interactive participation and personal growth during the class. I really enjoyed the FB community. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to empower themselves with herbal knowledge about anti-inflammation.
-Anne Carlson

I heard about the Cooling Inflammation course at a time when I had a lot of pain in my finger joints. I don't usually take any pain medication but the discomfort was intense, and I was considering taking aspirin. Luckily, I found this course and right from the first day, Rosalee provided hands-on resources that we could try immediately. With detailed explanations about the most effective herbal remedies, I was able to choose some herbs and make the healing recipes the next morning. I made turmeric lattes in the morning and tulsi and ashwagandha tea in the evenings. After just 2 days I noticed that the pain in my hands was less strong and I slept better as well. I never expected herbs could work so quickly. As I continued to enjoy these delicious teas every day for 2 weeks, I noticed that the swelling in my fingers had gone down enough for my rings to become loose and I had no more pain! I am not only impressed with the herbs, but with Rosalee's down to earth style of presentation and the abundance of resource materials she provides for us to experiment with. I am looking forward to making each of the recipes and re-reading each monograph again so that I can get to know these incredible plants in more detail. I have ordered seeds so that I can grow my own healing plants and prepare remedies from them. Rosalee has been a great inspiration to me. I highly recommend this course.
-Maureen Abram

This course educates you on different bodily systems and how to improve your health using herbs plus other techniques to be done with joy! There are many choices available to suit each person. The support from Rosalee and Karin has been wonderful as well as the interaction among the participants.
Rosalee does this course from the heart and she clearly wants to help everyone. Thank you!
-Carol Quintela do Carmo

This class is a must for everyone. Inflammation is very prevalent in our time. It's important to
understand inflammation as the cause of many health issues, in order to have good health and well-being in our stress-based, toxic world. Rosalee is an extraordinary teacher with a wealth of knowledge from her years of study and experience. We are very fortunate to have met her.
The ideas for the format and supporting information were well thought out. It shows that the supporting team did an excellent job. Thank you all!
-Grace Baillie

Cooling Inflammation is a class anyone who cares about their health, both mental and physical, should take. Everyone is in some way affected by inflammation. Cooling Inflammation helps you to sleuth out your areas of need and then guides you in holistic, herbal based ways to balance your body. Rosalee has created a thorough, carefully planned course that through the use of engaging presentation and tantalizing invitations leads participants on a journey of discovering the causes of inflammation and how to individually address them. An abundance of support materials and resources accompanies the course. Leading participants to further study and exploration. Classes are lively, engaging and super fun.
-Susan Kaar

I loved every week of this course. Rosalee is a patient and knowledgeable herbalist that has taught me many new ways to improve my self care routine by adding herbs and other practices to enhance my quality of life.
-Belle Soriano

Rosalee has a way of taking information and presenting it so that it is easy to understand and implement into everyday life. I recommend her and her courses to anyone who is looking to improve their health.
-Katrina Mestancik

My expectations for this course were met way beyond. The knowledge I gained has changed my life. The course material was easy to follow as Rosalee is an exceptional educator; engaging, inspiring with a vast amount of knowledge.
-Esther Stamm

This class has inspired me to try more herbs such as hawthorn and tulsi. The weekly live sessions were a big staple for me. I really like learning about using more herbs through teas. I liked learning something knew each week. Rosalee has such a gentle and wise energy that I truly enjoy. I own most of her courses because I find them delightful. The price is affordable for the content. A great value.
-Laurie Hale 

I joined Cooling Inflammation to learn new ways to fight systemic inflammation and because I have confidence in what I learn from Rosalee. This course has been phenomenal. It encompasses a wide variety of options that everyone is sure to find something here.
-Rejeana De Viana

Cooling Inflammation will teach you much about yourself that you didn't even know. It will put you more in tune with your body and make you excited to become a healthier you. Rosalee is a shining star in the herbal world, she has a gift and if you are lucky enough to learn from her then you are just about as lucky as you can be!
-Debbie Dickie

I would recommend this course to anyone curious about how to use herbs to improve their health and life! So much fascinating information that I will refer to many times in the future.
-Dee Holm

This class was extremely helpful. Learning practical ways to address inflammation has been life-changing. This class was like an herbal retreat that fit nicely into my busy schedule.
-Vanessa Timmons

What a fabulous course!!! Rosalee’s kind, calm demeanor is refreshing as she urges you to make small, incremental changes or additions into your life. Great communication and support from all involved. Thank you so much…
-Katherine Bailey

Cooling Inflammation was so full of great information and recipes and challenges that my life and the lives of my family have been improved radically. I will take this course again and again.
-LeeAnne Call

As an aspiring Herbalist, I will be forever grateful to Rosalee and her stellar team for offering Cooling Inflammation. It is such an important topic that she presents so gently and effectively. Her approach to feeling great through taking small steps that add up to important changes is so refreshing! It was such a pleasure to learn from her, and be part of this lovely community that evolved as part of the course. 
-Diana Scalia

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Rosalee is simply one of the best teachers I have ever had - in any subject. She always brings a deep and systemic knowledge to her offerings and, in this case, she upped the ante and brought an innovative approach and format to the very big subject of inflammation. The "Invitations" she offered each week provided what I call the "So What" component to the class - the piece that helps the student truly integrate the material for use in their life. They were small enough to not overwhelm and they gave an immediacy to the lecture topic for the week. It made the information so much more alive and accessible and they, along with the broader weekly topics, created a roadmap that all of us can continue to use to keep moving - both forward and/or spiraling back around as needed. I thought I took this class to help support my family and friends but I found out that it was exactly what I needed for me. I highly recommend it and I promise that no matter what level of herbal expertise you have, you won't be disappointed.
-Kate Sinon 

Cooling Inflammation was just what I needed to expand my knowledge and understanding of herbs for healing and wellness. All from a holistic approach! It is important to me that I can be an active participant in my own well-being, and this course gave me great tools and resources for that purpose. It is as if I was left with a big "tool kit" that is available to me as I walk this path of wholeness.
-Genova McFadden

This is how much I have loved the Cooling Inflammation workshop: from week one I was already urging my friends to get on the mailing list so they could take the class when it was next offered! I am learning so much in the Cooling Inflammation workshop and have already started to see changes and improvements in my health. And I know I will continue with this, exploring in even more depth once the course has ended using all the materials provided. I love how the content is organized by bodily systems (e.g. digestion, immune system, heart and metabolic health, etc) and how the information shared in the form of plant monographs, recipes, book recommendations, and invitations to try different ways of understanding and improving our health through lifestyle changes including diet, supplements, exercise and more. I love the support we received throughout, in the webinars, in the private Facebook group and in the student resource section (which also includes discounts for participants). Highly recommended!
-Della Ratcliffe 

If you are questioning whether or not you need to take Cooling Inflammation, just know that you do!
-Kimberly Lottridge
Cooling Inflammation is a fun, educational, empowering course filled with invitations, not "you should/must do this" in order for each of us to take control of our health and wellness to the extent we choose. It's geared for the beginner as well as those of us who are quite familiar with the information. I highly recommend this course!
-Nancy Hall

Cooling inflammation is packed full of information and practical and achievable solutions for addressing inflammation in the body, which is the root of so many of our issues. This course exceeded my expectations! Rosalee presents the material in an easy to understand and digestible format. Her teaching style is very engaging and her knowledge from many years of clinical experience is invaluable! If you are dealing with any issues stemming from inflammation (whether you know it or not you probably are!) then this course is definitely for you. You won't be disappointed!
-Heidi Skievaski

I would absolutely recommend Cooling Inflammation with herbalist Roselee de la Foret! The course was superbly organized with an incredible amount of useful information and valuable resources presented. Roselee is a very generous teacher, highly knowledgeable, with a wonderful sense of humor, and a positive, joyful attitude. I am so grateful she shared her in-depth knowledge on this subject!
-Nancy Aleo

Cooling Inflammation was a very informative class. I learned a lot about how all the systems in your body work together. It is not a "one size fits all" approach but more of a "learning your body" approach. I highly recommend this class for anyone suffering from chronic inflammation. I continue to make changes everyday and now notice the little things that make me feel better/worse.
-Kim Contratto

I enjoyed this great well documented course and Rosalee's friendly and innovative approach. In a world dominated by pharma business, it is a joy to see the impact she created by pointing people towards what Nature can do for them. The course participants will never take nettles and dandelions for granted or ignore the nature that surrounds them. This course has great educational value and should be taught at schools, as kids nowadays are thoroughly disconnected from the real world and what surrounds them.
-Claude Hollebecque

In 8 short weeks, Rosalee has covered the huge topic of inflammation in succinct, easy-to-digest weekly topics. I have listened to many such courses. I think this is the best yet. She has covered it all, in a welcoming format that is NOT intimidating for the newcomer, and is valuable for those already on the path. The path of health, happiness and gratitude.
-Debbie Jo Bird

Cooling Inflammation has been the most practical herbal class that I have taken so far. It not only included herbs, preparations and dosing but other lifestyle changes to work on to combat inflammation and disease processes. It was also downright fun!
-Katherine Rhodes

Rosalee de la Foret is a true master at adult education! I loved being in the learning space she created for us. Her style of giving us themed invitations to choose from and try each week was a delightfully fresh approach - no heavy-handed "shoulds," but rather plenty of encouragement to explore new practices with joyful curiosity.
-Melissa Hunter

Cooling Inflammation has been a true gift in my life. It has helped me heal myself on so many levels. Rosalee's approach is so friendly and personable yet professional and easy to understand. She is intelligent, wise and non-judgemental. Every week we were given invitations to try out that were fun, doable and healing. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to dive deeper into the healing properties of herbs.
-Maxime Jalbert-Hiscock

We ALL suffer from inflammation... children to adults. Instead of reaching for a pill, listen to your body instead... it has an innate intelligence that will tell you what healing plant/herb it needs. Plants are our allies and want to give the gift of health... all we have to do is listen. Rosalee teaches you how to do this. If you suffer from any inflammation, I highly recommend Rosalee's Cooling Inflammation course. You will not be disappointed.
-Darci Ridenhour

This is the most powerful herb class I have ever taken! The gift of this class will improve your quality of life and empower you to be the best person you can be. Healing from the inside out is definitely accessible with Rosalee's amazing gifts of knowledge and love. She will change your life!
-Susie Van Sickle

I love Rosalee's wholistic approach in this course. The different body systems all tie in at the end with her invitations that are easy to implement even in a busy schedule. Small steps that make a huge impact to better our health!
-Lindaflor Larsen

Cooling inflammation is really a well-rounded course on how to take care of your body in this fast-paced world. Everyone can benefit from this course whether you have inflammation issues or simply want to pack your toolbox with options for stressful times. Rosalee is one of the best teachers combining joy and research in all of her teachings. This course is not to be missed.
-Emily Leigh

Would you like an enthusiastic knowledgeable guide to sustain you as you figure out a plan to live a life free of inflammation and pain? Then this course is for you!
-Sharon Broderick

I am very new to herbalism and I loved this class. Rosalee is so knowledgeable and generous with her wisdom. Also, she has such an approachable and genuinely kind personality. I will definitely take other courses from her.
-Alicia Frangos

The Cooling Inflammation course is exceptional! Rosalee's teaching approach encourages "Learning By Doing", without the overwhelm. The live interactive classes, which includes Q&A with Rosalee, has saved me hours of searching for information on herbs and other activities that promote decreasing inflammation. An exclusive Cooling Inflammation Facebook Group provides ongoing learning, and support, and fosters community with other participants. The online course site is well organized and friendly to follow. I highly recommend this course in your herbal learning journey.
-Dana Laubach

Absolutely loved this course. I had never used nettle before choosing it as my plant ally, and it definitely delivered on everything I had hoped it would. I feel empowered with the knowledge I've obtained, and can't wait to try some of the other allies later. This course has taught me that I have so much power over how I feel on a daily basis, and which plants can be beneficial to achieving my health goals.
-Meghan Sirry

Rosalee is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge continues to enlighten me beyond my expectations. She is so friendly and kind and I love her gentle directness and honesty. I have taken many courses with her, this was the most fun due to the live interaction. I feel it the class was designed with careful care and thoughtfulness, yet it was fun and so informative.
-Stacey Rae Gibbs

Cooling Inflammation is a wonderful course that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wanting to support their health with herbal remedies. Rosalee shares her wealth of knowledge in live video and Q&A, and offers lots of reference files available for download. 10/10!! Thank you!
-Jasmine "Chef Jazzy D" Dorn

This is my first course with Rosalee. I have loved every minute of the instruction and the way that Rosalee responded to all of our questions - each and every one of them. Some of the sessions went on for over 2.5 hours! Rosalee never had a cut-off time for the live calls. This was the best part of the course, apart from the detailed notes and invitations on so many, many herbs.
-Cyrene Banerjee

I have found the Cooling Inflammation course to be so helpful to my health and well-being. The very first section of the class has benefited me in ways that were both expected and unexpected. There is information for everyone in this course. Thank you, Rosalee, for supplying a class that has benefited me and others so very much. It will be a course that just keeps on giving!
-Mary Everson

I have been following Rosalee for several years and have several of her books. She is one of my most trusted herbal sources. The Cooling Inflammation course is probably my favorite herbal course thus far. It is so well organized and practical with an incredible amount of information for using herbs to care for our bodies. This course has truly been a life-changing experience.
-Tracy McGee

I joined Rosalee Cooling Inflammation class to quell inflammation in my body. I had no idea I would gain so much knowledge on how to care for each body system and keep inflammation at bay! We learned which foods, herbs and spices bolster your system, to deeply nourish your body, mind, and skin. SO much information on the nervous system and skin! It was absolutely amazing how much knowledge Rosalee freely shared with us! I totally recommend this class to the newbies and the novice!
-Jennifer McDonough-Floyd

I loved learning from Rosalee, she has created a treasure of information and presented it in a down-to-earth approachable format that's interactive and dynamic, Cooling Inflammation is all that and much more. I highly recommend it!
-Winny Aschenbrenner

Inflammation impacts just about every aspect of our health. It's the bridge between the wellness choices we make in our lives - or don't make - and the consequences of those choices on our health. Learning how to decrease systemic inflammation is important. Rosalee goes beyond that, explaining exactly how and why our wellness choices matter. She shows us how easy and enjoyable it can be to make what are for each of us, the right choices for a healthier, more enjoyable life.
-Diane Schips