Rooted Medicine Circle

Reparations Offering

Rooted Medicine Circle recognizes that, for those living on colonized lands, the traditions and practices of nature connection and herbalism are built upon the stolen land, knowledge, and/or labor of Indigenous and Black peoples. 

The two leaders of Rooted Medicine Circle also acknowledge the economic and social privileges we carry as a white person and white-assumed mixed-race person. 

We are committed to the ongoing work of dismantling systems of white supremacy, building meaningful relationships, and practicing reparations. 

As part of this, we are offering 20 reparations spots to people who identify as Black and/or Indigenous. 

While it is not possible to “repay” what was stolen or erase historical and present-day harm, we offer this as one small step towards justice, equity, and healing.

Who is eligible? 

People who identify as Black and/or Indigenous and who have not previously enrolled in Rooted Medicine Circle are welcome to apply. 

What does it cover? 

This covers the full tuition for Rooted Medicine Circle, which includes the course website, written materials, live sessions, and recordings. 

All students in Rooted Medicine Circle supply their own herbs, ingredients, and basic kitchen tools. It is our goal to keep extra costs low, and to provide substitution recommendations as needed.

How do you apply?

Because there are a limited number of spots available, we ask that only those who are truly interested and committed to the course apply. Please read and consider the course description at before applying. This is a 9-month course with approximately 1–3 hours of work per week. 

To apply, please fill out this form by Sunday, January 28, 2024.  ***Applications are now closed***

How will recipients be selected?

Recipients will be randomly drawn. All applicants will be notified on January 29, 2024. 

Why is the number of spots limited to 20? 

Rosalee and Emily are contributing their time and services toward these spots. Because we need time to review homework and projects, we unfortunately must limit the number of students.

Click here to apply ***Applications are now closed***