What Rooted Medicine Circle Students Are Saying...

"This is one of the best classes I have ever taken! I am so much more confident now in my herbal medicine making skills, and it was such a joy to learn from Rosalee and Emily along with the community of learners they nurtured."

– Melissa Hunter

"Taking the herbal medicine course with Rosalee and Emily has expanded how I am able to help others. I have friends who I gifted recipes to who are asking for more cause they already ran out! They are spreading the word how potent this is and more are asking! So grateful to learn from such kind hearted beings and carry that with me as I continue my herbal journey."

– Angelique Sifrit

"I started the course with having the most basic and limited knowledge of herbs. By the end I feel confident in working with herbs both medicinally and nutritionally. I could never have gotten here this fast on my own. The common-sense instructions and explanations made the classes thorough and easy to follow along. The camaraderie between Rosalee and Emily made the learning very enjoyable."

– Sandra Bundy

"Learning to actually be successful in using what is on hand and making remedies that actually work has been a monumental shift in my life this year. I have been chipping at this as best as I can for several years, but this is the course that made it happen. Rosalee and Emily are remarkable teachers and I am so grateful for the effort and energy they put into this course and their students! This is the type of experience where an initial investment of money transforms into something else entirely: community, a sense of place, and healing. Thank you, Emily and Rosalee!"

– Kyle Putnam

"This course will be one of the most meaningful herbal courses you will ever take. It goes way beyond pure medicine making (which is amazing in itself!). I promise you will leave this course with a more profound understanding and gratitude for the plants around us and what they not only offer to our world, but to your own life. Rosalee and Emily are AMAZING teachers!"

– Kyla

"I felt like I was able to connect to Rosalee and Emily throughout this year by watching their demonstrations and then being able to ask them questions and receive their answers. Other classes that I am enrolled in do not feel as personal as this course. I would recommend this course to others because you have accountability and support. This is my 3rd herbal class that I enrolled in since 2019 and this will be the 1st class that I complete and receive a certificate of completion and I owe that to Rosalee and Emily's support and accountability."

 Jodi S.

"This course has demystified the way anyone can work with plants. The instructors never make you feel like you are behind or that they are all knowing. They share their experiences and encourage you to explore and learn. I highly recommend this course because it is paced in a way that that you can manage the workload and authentically go at your own pace. At first, I thought it was going to be too much because the commitment is almost a year, but it is just enough to get you excited about more learning."
– Irelia Ozaeta

"I was struggling with how to create herbal medicine with confidence. I felt like I was missing something in my understanding of what I was making. This course has given me the tools I need to make herbal medicines. I now have a better understanding of what I could make and how to decide what would be best in any particular situation. I feel more confident in my ability to make these medicines. Conversely, this course has opened up a whole world of medicine making that I had no idea was possible. Online learning can often feel lonely. But you both made this class feel so personal. Thank you."

– Janie Burlingame

"I have grown into a totally different relationship with plants, understanding, learning and within myself after Rooted Medicine Circle. I am no longer intimidated by all the learning that just seemed like memorizing and information about plants. This class taught me how to work with plants, how to get to know their medicine. This is the absolute best herbalism course I have ever taken! You both have done a phenomenal job at helping me transform my understanding and transcend my previous ability. "

– Kristinna

"This course changed the way I interact with my surroundings. I see things differently and feel so much more gratitude for the growing things around me. I feel more humble in my knowledge, yet more interested in learning. I have skills to make medicine that can help my family and friends and that is an invaluable skill these days. I loved everything about this beautiful course!"

– Sandee Sanger

"Rooted Medicine helped me to get more in touch with the heart of herbalism through herbal recipes and connecting to my plant ally. As a clinical herbalist I have been more in my head and this course has opened up a whole new world for me. I am so grateful to Rosalee and Emily for sharing their love of plants and their wisdom."

– Nicole McDaniel-Richards

"Rooted Medicine Circle offers the opportunity to belong to a supportive herbal learning community. Rosalee and Emily's LIVE classes, presented in their light hearted yet knowledgeable and authentic manner empower one to learn in the most supportive environment! This teaching duo's books, course materials, monographs, & recipes along with full technical support from Karin Rose are more than one could imagine."

– Lynn Gray

"Rooted Medicine Circle is the best medicine making course I've taken. Rosalee, Emily and Karin are very knowledgeable and share their knowledge in a gentle, kind, easy to understand manner. There is time between lessons to practice what was taught so each student is able to make their own medicine. It's amazing how easy it is to make good medicine when one has good teachers."

– Mary B.

"This course seriously changed my life. Not only have I had the most expansive journey getting to know the plants in my area and learning their unique gifts, I've also learned so much about herbal medicine making and it was FUN! This course is not JUST about herbs and medicine making, it's about listening to the plants, exploring your own beliefs, and evolving into a human deeply in touch with this planet. I cannot recommend this journey highly enough. Rosalee and Emily are open, honest and fun teachers offering every step of the way. The information and explorations are abundant, well curated and deeply meaningful. This is not just a course, it's a tool for self realization, wellbeing, and compassion."

– Kristin L. Amundson-Speer

"Rooted Medicine Circle will enhance your personal relationship with plant medicine and with Nature at any level of skill and from any walk of life. This course offers so much more than just plant medicine classes, it is community, it provides avenues for personal interest and growth on so many levels, it also implements self care practices and inspires hope! I cannot express in enough words how this course has changed the direction of my life's path."

– Sarah Starr

"Rooted Medicine Circle is a transformative experience. Whether you are an experienced herbalist or just beginning your herbal journey, Rooted Medicine Circle will help you grow your skills, develop a reciprocal relationship with plants and reinforce your connection to the planet. Through the introduction of medicine making techniques members are guided to explore plants and their interactions with humans all the while supported by Rosalee, Emily and the Rooted Medicine Circle community. Every experience is like a warm hug and herbal knowledge becomes second nature."

– Susan Kaar

"Rooted Medicine Circle is a fantastic course that allowed me to dig deeper within myself and my community through the exploration of plants. The course was engaging, informative, and well organized. Rosalee and Emily made the medicine making fun and easygoing. They both communicated their knowledge of plants and medicine making with enthusiasm and love. I feel fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to take this course and look forward to future courses. Thank you Rosalee and Emily!"

– Bruni

"Before Rooted Medicine Circle, I felt as though my biggest challenge was that I lived in the city. In the local course I took a few years ago everyone else lived in a rural area and had large plots of land where they could grow or easily find herbs in the wild. I felt like I couldn't learn about herbs or enjoy them from an urban area. This course has really turned that around for me. It is geared toward everyone - no matter where you live or what your past experience is with herbs. The teaching style and course design are fantastic and very easy to understand."

– Mary B.

"Rooted Medicine Circle has been an incredible journey for me. To have access to the knowledge and wisdom of Rosalee and Emily, to watch them make the herbal medicines live and have the ability to ask questions and get answers is life changing. Anyone who wants to to learn more about how to use the plants around us should take this course."

– Deb Bergman

"This course was not simply about the study of plants and what they can do, but also about the human experience in relation to the earth and its bounty. It gave me food for thought, and slowed me down so that I could really bring meaning to the things I made – from teas to balms and powders. Thanks to the texts and questions in the modules, I really see how the end product is not simply a collection of raw ingredients, but instead a holistic experience – from the weather when planting seeds to the sound of the birds singing while harvesting, from one's state of mind while mixing – and all those other invisible contributors to a herbal gift that we offer to our loved ones and ourselves. It's all about paying attention!"

– Esme Terry

"Rooted Medicine Circle has changed my life. I have learned so much that strengthens my family's health and wellness and have also gained an appreciation of nature that I hadn't had before. This class is worth every dollar it costs and every moment you spend learning. Take it."

– LeeAnne Call

"Love this course. It has given me the confidence to treat my family naturally. This course walks you through step by step on how to connect with nature yourself and herbs. The practical hands on learning and how-tos are amazing, inspiring and informative. I can't recommend this course enough."

– Jennifer Judd

"Rooted Medicine Circle offers high quality medicine making. The information that is given is worth the amount of the class and then more. I love how much fun and relaxing the live medicine making classes were and the potent medicines that I was able to use after the classes. The instructors are top notch and go above and beyond in this class to make you feel welcomed and answer every question you have. I would not hesitate to sign up!"

– Belle

"I really enjoyed the course! I've been studying herbs for over 30 years on an informal basis and I learned a great deal! Rosalee and Emily have teaching methods that make a person feel comfortable and like you can do this, too."

– Leslie F.

"Rooted Medicine Circle is a one-of-a-kind learning experience you will not regret. It's like having Rosalee and Emily at your side as you journey through making all kinds of medicines and getting to know the plants. They left no stone unturned, offering office hours, support, and ways for the community to connect. It was a very comprehensive experience that not only taught me about so many plants and how to make medicines with them but also connected me more to my own surroundings, community, and the natural world."

– Kim Liu

"The best herb course you will take. Interesting, instant community and support. The course made it possible to be involved as much as we wanted to be involved. The live medicine making sessions were very helpful. If we need to review it again it was possible and aided in things that we may have missed the first time that it aired. The course will give a foundation on doing any herb study, and will help you consider what you really want to do with the knowledge that you are learning. Plus having a live class room we were able to get to know Rosalee and Emily better and develop a relationship with our instructors. An enjoyable and fun study."

– Audie Mc.

"The Rooted Medicine course broadened my knowledge of medicinal herbs and the way they could be used. After more than 40 years studying herbs, the curriculum still provided new and helpful information. This course is a must for anyone contemplating a career as a medical herbalist and is also an experience that is fulfilling for the layperson who only wants to expand their knowledge and use of herbs for their personal world!"

– Jill Allison

"If you want to learn more about connecting with nature, medicinal plants and HOW to make medicine, this is the class to take! Great teachers, simple instruction, deep learning and the fun of make and take in your own home. I learned so much about myself, my environment and herbal medicine in this class!"

– Kendra Ayton

"This course exceeded my expectations! It meets people wherever they are and takes them to the next level(s) both in herbal medicine making and their relationship with not only plants but the natural world in general. The course provides so many tools to incorporate the content into your life and keys to unlock doors for future learning as well. The feeling of community throughout the course is really special, and the live medicine-making sessions make it feel like you are just sharing time with Rosalee and Emily, who are not only immensely knowledgeable but warm and gracious."

– Victoria Parker

"This was one of the best on-line courses I have ever taken. The information and resources reflect Emily's and Rosalee's extensive experience with herbal medicine and their dedication to generously sharing their knowledge. Thanks to this course, I have more confidence in making medicine and a deeper relationship with the plants. An unexpected bonus was my family's reactions when the medicines I gave them overdelivered on results ... they are clamoring for more!"

–Wendy Gloffke

"This is not one of those fluffy, too simple, waste my time courses. And the reason why it is so fantastic is hands down to the video sessions with Rosalee and Emily. I find them so useful! I also absolutely love their casual, friendly approach. Their dedication to answering questions is staggering, and this is where I learn even more. It's a pleasure to open up the course website as it fills me with excitement, calm and pure enjoyment.

– Indre Leska

"This course meets you where you are. Whether you are a beginner or have been working with herbs for a while, this class is an amazing way to step up your herbal knowledge and products. The atmosphere created by Rosalee, Emily and Karin both in the classes and in the social media community is incredibly positive. The three are very present in the community which gives me confidence in the answers I get. I have always felt supported and uplifted .... I was thinking of what I would want to say to people thinking about taking the class and it would be this:

If your concern is whether or not you have time to attend the class, know that the pacing of the class with extremely well-thought out and allows plenty of time between live sessions to prepare, catch-up, or keep up. There is some kind of interaction nearly weekly, but many are optional for those who have the interest and time.

If your concern in the cost, it is a big expense, I agree. But you will get your money's worth. There is so much content, bonus information etc, that can return to time and time again. Your questions can and will be answered. The Discord group is the only fully supportive social media group I have ever seen. 

I have taken several online courses from very good, reputable companies and have been happy with them. This is hands down the best course I have taken because of the live sessions, the access to the teachers and RMC support staff and the overall positive, supportive environment."

– Kelli

"The course materials are well thought-out, clearly written and beautifully illustrated, and the live medicine-making classes are a joy to participate in. But most of all, the connections I've made with other herbalists, and the things I've learned from them, are what have made this course really stand out. It is so refreshing to be able to connect with others who are of similar mind, who are working to make a better world by caring for others and the earth through our love for the plants and the other beings we share this beautiful space with."

This course was so much more than a medicine-making class. The focus on nature awareness really deepened my connection with the earth and helped me to learn about the plants and the world around me in ways that I didn't expect; the book club, meet-ups, and seasonal celebrations allowed me to connect with my classmates in really meaningful ways (I really did not expect to get to know people from across the country and around the world at such depths!); and the Q&As helped with clarification in a way that no self-paced course can. This course went way above and beyond my expectations, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in medicine making and nature connection."

– Emilie Thomas-Anderson

"These ten months have been a very transformative time for me. I am so glad I overcame my doubts and decided to jump into this course even though I had zero prior experience in making herbal medicine and barely even cracked open an herbal book before this. I’ve always been interested in it but didn’t feel I had the right access or proper avenue to explore herbs until I came across Rooted Medicine Circle. It really has given me a purpose I’ve long been looking for and I am so grateful to everyone who made this course possible."

– Rachel M.

"I was a little afraid that the course would not offer me very much because I have been using herbs my whole life but I was wrong. Even if a session focused on a technique I already use, the informal format and live Q&A, leant itself to offering me a deeper way of looking at things. There were different slants on techniques, refinements on procedures, and more efficient ways of working. I would recommend the course to others, not only because the course is well-planned out and executed but because of the community. There are so many opportunities to ask questions, in real time, of the experienced leaders of RMC, as well as fellow Circlers. The attendees of RMC come from throughout the US and from other countries as well. This diversity has been fun and educational. "

– Leslie Plant

"Prior to the course, I was struggling with filtering, evaluating and compiling all the herbal information I was gathering from various sources. Some of it was contradictory and confusing. I would watch a podcast or read a book and focus on a few ideas and maybe a herb or two but had no sustainable way to collect, compile and use the knowledge. The course has given me a structure to work within to manage all the information and new ways to think about my surrounding community." 

– Marti

"This class is for anyone interested in making herbal medicine - beginner or experienced. The recordings are great in case the live calls don't fit into your schedule. I've been studying herbs for over 25 years and this is my favorite class. First, it covers everything you could ever think to make. And, I love that I can trust that Emily and Rosalee teach from an evidence based perspective, so never a need to worry about effectiveness of our medicines. On top of that, the focus on nature connection and reciprocity is not something readily found."

– Sarah G

"I had always used and bought herbal remedies, I never made my own outside of a half day workshop over 15 years ago and a basic NZ introduction to herbs course in 2020. This course ticked all the boxes towards me feeling I now have a solid foundation to build on. It has increased my knowledge and given me practical experience so I am able to replicate my medicine making. I love that the course is over a long period, it gives you time to settle in."

– Rosina

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