You can become a confident and knowledgeable medicine maker

in just nine months

collage of herbal remedies including liquid being poured into a jar of dried herbs, hands holding a mallow flower, oil being poured into a pan of dandelion and violet flowers, hands harvesting St. Johns wort flowers, and an herbal apothecary of assorted jars and bottles

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Imagine opening the doors of your medicine cabinet and seeing jars of herbal treatments, remedies, and medicines all neatly stacked in front of you.

Each one carefully prepared by you and labeled in your familiar handwriting, just waiting to be used to heal, treat, and soothe a range of different conditions and complaints.

Powerful, potent, and effective homemade medicines—and without an over-the-counter pill in sight.

If you want 2024 to be the year you finally step into your role as an herbalist and embrace the power of herbal medicine, join us as we open the doors of Rooted Medicine Circle.

Hi, we’re Rosalee and Emily. We’ve been practicing, writing, and teaching herbalism for decades. We want to help as many people as possible find joy in the power of herbs and plants and be able to confidently treat a range of everyday conditions, injuries, and ailments—safely and effectively.

Emily and Rosalee lying in a bed of dandelions and self-heal

When you make your own herbal medicines, you gain an incredible sense of empowerment as you work directly with the plants to create potent herbal medicines uniquely suited to your preferences.

Do you dream of turning elderberries into a potent cold and flu remedy? Or stirring your own herbal heart medicine as it simmers on the stove? 

We believe there needs to be an herbalist in every home and want to see you become the go-to herbalist for you and your loved ones. 

But the path to becoming an herbalist isn’t always easy. 

In our decades of teaching, we’ve seen three major hurdles that stop people from creating and using their own powerful home apothecary. 

3 major hurdles that can stop you
from becoming an herbalist:

3 text bubbles. The first one says: Did you know elderberries can kill you? The second one says: No way! But they sell them at the local store... The third one says: No, they are totally toxic. I read it online

1. The internet is filled with fad treatments and bad information

In many ways, we are fortunate to live in a time when there’s a wealth of information freely available in various websites, forums, books, and resources.

However, this plethora of information also comes with two major costs. 

First, the amount of information out there is overwhelming. One blog says elderberries are safe. The next video says they aren’t safe! Who’s right? 

Second, the Internet has become flooded with a lot of flawed, inaccurate, outdated, and even dangerous advice. 

It can easily take hours, or even days, to sort through the countless and often contradictory blogs, videos, and social media posts. 🤯

And in the end, who knows if you can really trust information from people just because they’re popular online? 

If you’re tired of making mistakes, missteps, and weak medicines during your herbalism journey and want a reliable source of information that you have lifetime access to, then we're here for you! 

Instead of feeling frustrated and confused when making herbal medicines, imagine having two experienced herbal teachers right by your side to give you their best practices and answer your specific questions. 

We want you to feel confident and excited to make herbal medicines. That’s why we give clear, step-by-step training for a variety of learning styles (video and written) so that you can have fun making potent herbal medicines that actually work. 

We prioritize getting your questions answered, whether it’s during classes, via email, or in our community forum. Your days of feeling confused, overwhelmed, and stuck are over!

"Prior to the course my herbal journey was hit or miss. I would watch a podcast or read a book and focus on a few ideas and maybe a herb or two but had no sustainable way to collect, compile and use the knowledge. The course has given me a structure to work within to manage all the information and new ways to think about my surrounding community."
– Marti M.

Illustration of two people with speech bubbles. The first one says: Do you think 2024 is the year youll become an herbalist? The second one says: Yes! Either that or Ill just fizzle out after a couple of months like last year...

2. Is your herbal relationship on-again, off-again?

Have you dreamt of being an herbalist but can’t seem to make it a daily reality? 

We hear from people time and time again that they really want to be herbalists, and they want to reach for their homemade herbal medicines for their coughs, or pain, or what-have-you. But their attempts to learn about herbs end up being an ad hoc and scattershot approach. 

And because there can be major safety concerns when studying medicine making, herbalism, and foraging, people worry that their DIY approach is incomplete and missing critical information. 

If that sounds like you, please know this isn’t your fault! 

For millennia, learning about medicinal plants wasn’t something that you tried to do all by yourself, squeezed in-between the demands of grocery shopping, work, and taking the kids to school. 

Instead, herbalism is about community and mentorship. 

When you try to learn on your own, it’s common to feel like you have an inconsistent relationship with herbalism. One week you have the time to sort through a lot of information, come up with a shopping list of ingredients, and then finally an herbal remedy. But then weeks or even months can go by where you don’t make anything. 

With the support of others around you, herbalism can be an enjoyable process while you’re consistently learning and moving your skills forward. 

We want you to be able to joyfully commit to your herbal medicine making practice and feel intentional in your path of home herbalism. No more on-again, off-again! 

We love to see our students' success! That’s why we provide a structured (yet flexible) approach to making herbal medicines. 

We also know the challenges of a busy life. Our goal is to help you go deep into making the most important medicines, yet also pace it well so that it easily fits into your life. 

Our students tell us that after studying our comprehensive materials, they finally feel like “real” herbalists. We want that for you, too! 

"I would recommend this course to others because you have accountability and support. This is my third herbal class that I enrolled in since 2019 and this will be the first class that I complete and receive a certificate of completion, and I owe that to Rosalee and Emily's support and accountability."
– Jodi S.

Illustrations of plants including calendula, chamomile, and lavender followed by a does not equal symbol and pharmaceutical pills

3. Herbs aren't drugs!

Today, we see a lot of emphasis put on what herbs are “good for.”

Take turmeric for inflammation! Dandelion root for the liver! 

However, when we reduce plants to a simple equation of "take xyz herb for xyz problem," the heart and soul of herbal medicine is erased. 

Herbalism isn’t a case of simply swapping ibuprofen capsules for turmeric capsules and hoping they do the trick or swallowing huge doses of echinacea at the first sign of the weather turning cooler to avoid a cold.

And while there are some great herb companies out there, many of the supplements and herbal cure-alls on the market are produced on an industrial scale and filled with who-knows-what additives.


This goes against the very principles of herbal medicine. 

Herbalism isn't about throwing back dropperfuls of a tincture. It's about transforming your life by becoming deeply rooted in the natural world, its seasonal rhythms, and your place within it.

The real secret to making successful herbal remedies is connection.

It’s about reconnecting to the herbal knowledge of your ancestors and deepening your relationships with the plants and Earth around you. 

Herbs aren’t drugs! 

Studying herbalism isn’t simply about cramming lists of what herbs are good for. We don’t want to see you waste your time memorizing the uses of herbs without understanding the plants themselves. 

Helping you strengthen your connection to nature is at the root of all of our teachings because we know this is the most healing and transformative part of herbal medicine. 

"I have grown into a totally different relationship with plants, understanding, learning and within myself after Rooted Medicine Circle. I am no longer intimidated by all the learning that just seemed like memorizing and information about plants. I no longer feel like I will never really 'get it' beyond what I can memorize. I feel like I am inside the learning somehow, where it's vivid, full of visceral and sensorial communication. This class taught me how to work with plants, how to get to know their medicine. This is the absolute best herbalism course I have ever taken!"
– Kristinna

Introducing Rooted Medicine Circle

Rooted Medicine Circle is a 9-month journey that takes you into deeply understanding herbs by getting your hands dirty and making medicines!

Why is it important to learn about herbs by making the medicines yourself? 

Herbal medicine that is rooted in your connection to nature and made with your own hands has powerful benefits — for your personal healing, community well-being, and the health of our planet.

Imagine knowing exactly how to make effective herbal medicines right in your own kitchen! Few things feel as empowering!

There are also a lot of practical reasons to make your own herbal medicines. 

While there are great grassroots herbalists making products for sale, unfortunately a lot of big herbal companies use poor quality ingredients, and all too often these have even been adulterated with other herbs.

The only way to really ensure you have the best quality herbal remedies is to make your own!

The other big consideration is cost. Buying tinctures and even tea bags can add up fast. Meanwhile, making your own is so affordable that you can often make enough to give to family and friends.

Knowing how to make your own herbal remedies will be your new superpower.

In this online course, you’ll join a thriving community of like-minded and inclusive herbalists where you can get support and grow your network, take part in regular live medicine-making classes, question-and-answer sessions, and community get-togethers. 

herbal apothecary with various jars, bottles, and a mortar and pestle

When you join Rooted Medicine Circle you get…

• An entire herbal encyclopedia with trusted information at your fingertips
so you can feel confident in making potent herbal medicines that actually work. (No more guessing if the information is correct or feeling overwhelmed by information overload.) 

• Community, mentorship, and consistency so that you can be purposeful and intentional in your path to becoming a home herbalist. 

• The encouragement and guidance you need to fully immerse yourself in an herbal lifestyle filled with connections that go beyond simply memorizing uses of herbs. 

PLUS, one of the most valuable aspects of this course is that we’re here to answer YOUR questions. 

Have you ever had a question about herbs that stopped you in your tracks? Maybe it was a question about herbal safety, or simply the best way to make a remedy. You opened your books, checked out blogs, watched videos … but couldn’t seem to find the exact answer you were looking for. 

Imagine how valuable it would be to get your specific questions answered by not just one, but two herbal teachers you trust!

Throughout the entire course, you can ask us your questions through live classes, Q&A sessions, emails, or in the community forum. No more stop and go as herbal questions pop up!

Our live medicine classes take place 1 to 2 times a month, and all are recorded. Additional meetups happen throughout each month.

In addition to the 9-month experience, you get lifetime access to the course materials, recordings, and community membership.

Rooted Medicine Circle is easy to access on all internet-connected devices, and once you enroll, you'll get immediate access to the course site.

Rooted Medicine Circle online access

What's included?

Rooted Medicine Circle comprises 5 modules, each with their own range of medicine making experiences as well as practices to help you deepen your connection with nature.

Module 1: Grow Your Awarness: Infusions, Decoctions, and Syrups

In Module 1, we slow down, take a look around, and ground ourselves in the essential first principles of herbalism as we dig in!

You’ll learn:

• How to cultivate your herbs, your mindset, and your medicine-making practice

• The secret to sourcing high-quality ingredients to boost the potency of your creations, whether you’re gathering herbs from a garden, foraging, or buying from trusted suppliers

• How you can identify and avoid toxic and poisonous plants where you live 

collage of three remedies including an infusion, syrup, and decoction

After this module, you’ll know: 

• The methods for producing some of the most popular water-based medicines, including infusions, decoctions, and syrups for
120 different herbs

• When to steep and when to boil, plus when to use hot and when to use cold water (and why!)

• How to make sure your teas don't end up weak or bland (or worse, taste so disgusting no one will drink them!)

• How to create soothing (and delicious!) syrups that are strong and long-lasting and for a fraction of what you’d pay at the store

Thanks to the medicines you make in this module, you’ll be able to treat:

• Sore throats

• Colds and flu

• Fatigue and malaise

• Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

• Seasonal and other common allergies

Module 2: Grow Your Interdependence: Capsules, Honeys, Pastilles, Vinegars, Oxymels

In Module 2, we cultivate our connection with nature and learn how herbal medicines are powerful not simply because of what we take, but because of the relationships woven throughout them. 

You’ll learn:

• The importance of your bioregion and the impact on the plants and herbs that grow nearby

• The first principles of becoming a confident, ethical wildcrafter or garden harvester 

• How to identify plants thanks to their leaf structure, shape, and arrangement

collage of three remedies including capsules, vinegar, and oxymel

After this module, you’ll know: 

• The power of vinegar, honey, and powders and their role in medicine and beverages

• Techniques to make some incredibly underrated medicines and how to increase your body's ability to absorb them

• The simple mistake that can render your herb effectively useless—and how to avoid it

Thanks to the medicines you make in this module, you’ll be able to treat:

• Insomnia

• Inflammation

• Chesty and tickling coughs

• Digestive and stomach complaints

• Breathing and respiratory conditions

Module 3: Grow Your Reciprocity: Tinctures, Glycerites, Hydrosols

In Module 3, we delve into what reciprocity looks like for the home herbalist, considering how we give and receive gifts to and from plants. 

You’ll learn:

• The fundamental mindset shift that will change your relationship with herbs and plants

• A simple practice that you can do each day to strengthen your connection to the living world around you

• How to identify plants thanks to their flowers

collage of three remedies including tinctures, glycerite, and hydrosols

After this module, you’ll know: 

• How to make potent medicines using alcohol and glycerin (and avoid common mistakes that render them weak and ineffective)

• How to create tinctures and glycerites with fresh and dried herbs at a fraction of the cost of store-bought options (this could save you hundreds of dollars)

• How to distill your own hydrosols using simple tools in your own kitchen

Thanks to the medicines you make in this module, you’ll be able to treat:

• Anxiety

• Nausea

• Congestion

• Common first-aid ailments

Module 4: Grow Your Caregiving: Oils, Salves, Lip Balms, Body Butters, Creams

In Module 4, we learn the art of herbal self-care as well as care for the earth and communities around us. 

You’ll learn:

• Beautiful and luxurious ways to practice plant-based self-care

• How to identify plants by their seeds and fruits

• Simple tips for doing your own plant research to cut through the myths and hype commonly found online

collage of three remedies including oils, salve, and creams

After this module, you’ll know: 

• The difference between essential oils and herbal infused oils and how to use them safely

• The best ways to prepare herbal-infused oils to ensure they are potent and effective

• Our top recommended herbs and oils and how to tell when they’re past their prime

• How to transform your oils into salves, lip balms, creams, body butters, and even tasty salad dressings!

Thanks to the medicines you make in this module, you’ll be able to treat:

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Back pain

• Joint pain

• Cuts and scrapes

• Common skin complaints

Module 5: Grow Your Community: Poultices, Compresses, Herbal Baths, Incense

In Module 5, we learn how a sense of community strengthens our personal health and the well-being of others, and we explore ways to share our herbal experiences. 

You’ll learn:

• How to identify the needs of your community and the inspiring part you can play as an herbalist

• The vital role that roots play for a plant and the earth

collage of three remedies including herbs in mortar and pestle, plantain leaves, and a foot bath

After this module, you’ll know: 

• How to soothe injuries, reduce inflammation, boost circulation, alleviate sore muscles, and treat infections

• The difference between compresses and fomentations, which to use and when, and our favorite plants you can work with to create them

• The surprising effectiveness of herbal baths and hand or foot baths

• How to craft your own incense with common and local plants

Thanks to the medicines you make in this module, you’ll be able to treat:

• Eczema

• Headaches

• Menstrual cramps

• Nervous system depletion

• Muscle spasms and strains

In addition to the five modules above, you also get…

LIVE Classes

A major part of Rooted Medicine Circle is building a community of skilled herbalists who get to know and support each other throughout their ongoing journey—either as home herbalists or even developing and inspiring a new career.

Every month, we host LIVE medicine-making classes, Q&A sessions, and community meetups where you can follow along as we make medicines, troubleshoot issues you’ve come up against, or get answers to any questions you have about the course.

All the live classes are recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t make the sessions live or you want to rewatch them and hit pause as you create the medicines and try out the techniques at a later date.

Rooted Medicine Circle live classes

Rooted Medicine Circle Notebook

To support your learning, you’ll also receive a beautifully designed and illustrated, almost 300-page workbook packed full of recipes, techniques, equipment guides, and information that we’ll work through and complete during our 9 months together.

The notebook contains:

• Tutorials on how to make over 20 different herbal preparations, with step-by-step recipes, best practices, supply and equipment lists, tips to boost shelf-life, and troubleshooting advice. We also have a range of substitutions you can rely on if you don’t have a ready supply of a particular plant or herb.

• Herbal cheat sheets, including charts to help you make infusions and decoctions for 120 different herbs

• Exercises, activities, and journaling prompts to further inspire and support you on your herbal learning path

Rooted Medicine Circle handouts

Reference Library

• Extensive materia medica, including over 50 herbal monographs focusing on common plants and abundant weeds that you will work with in your medicine-making journey

• Over 65 recipes for teas, tinctures, oils, foods, drinks, and more to inspire your herbal apothecary and delicious kitchen creations

Rooted Medicine Circle certificate

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of each module plus a capstone project that pulls your entire year together, you’ll receive a Rooted Medicine Circle certificate that acknowledges your time, energy, and growth. This certificate can honor your studies and be used to prove continuing education (for example, as part of an application for the American Herbalists Guild).

And then there are the bonuses!

Grow! An introduction to herbal gardening with Emily Han and Rosalee de la Forêt

New for 2024 – LIVE Bonus Class
Grow! An Introduction to Herbal Gardening

This class will take you through all the steps you need to create a thriving herb garden—no matter the space you have available.

You don’t need acres of land to have a thriving herb garden—you can grow what you need in a backyard, on your balcony, or even on your windowsill if that’s all the space you have.

Starting an herb garden can feel overwhelming, and with so much to learn and to consider, you can often find yourself putting off getting started far longer than necessary—that’s if you ever get started!

But by the end of this class, you’ll be confident and eager to get going, and before long, you’ll have a ready supply of herbs at your fingertips.

You’ll learn:

• The
#1 thing you must focus on before you get started

• How to select the herbs that will thrive in your local area

• How to harvest and store your medicinal and culinary herbs to extend their shelf life

... as well as get the answers to all your questions.

You’ll also have lifetime access to the replay of the class to turn to whenever you need.

Additional Bonuses

Illustration of a group of 5 people talking
Access to the Rooted Medicine Circle student-only forum where you can forge friendships and get guidance and support from other herbalists

Wildcrafter's Toolkit logo
Wildcrafter’s Toolkit, a 12-part video course including ethical foraging skills, plant identification, and guides on harvesting and processing plants

United Plant Savers logo
Free membership to United Plant Savers, an organization dedicated to preserving medical plants for future generations

Mason jars filled with dried herbs
Discounts on herbs and supplies, including 15% off Banyan Botanicals, 10% off Mountain Rose Herbs, and 15% off Oregon's Wild Harvest

A digital copy of our best-selling book, Wild Remedies: How to Forage Healing Foods and Craft Your Own Herbal Medicine

Illustration of row of book spines
Braiding Sweetgrass book club to gather together and discuss this transformative book by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Violet flower cocktail
A botanical mixology class, where you'll learn how to turn your herbal creations into unique cocktails and mocktails

Laptop with tincture calculator on the screen
Tincture and glycerite calculators that take away the fear and mystery from making these potent remedies

Hands harvesting basil
We’ll also be joined throughout the course by guest herbalists and experts sharing their experience and knowledge with us LIVE

"Using the tincture calculator was a game changer. I had made tinctures before Rooted Medicine Circle, but I felt that the ones I prepared using the calculator were more potent than my past tinctures, in taste, color, and aroma, which I hope results in even more effectiveness as remedies."
– Leslie Plant

14-day Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

We’re confident you’ll love being a member of Rooted Medicine Circle as much as we’ll love getting to know you and supporting you in becoming a confident and knowledgeable home herbalist and medicine maker.

But if you feel this is not the course for you, you can request a full refund anytime during your first 14 days of membership—no questions asked. We’ll even thank you for giving it a try.

Don’t let uncertainty stand between you and success. We personally guarantee Rooted Medicine Circle 100%!

Rooted Medicine Circle is currently Closed.

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Meet Your Guides

Emily Han and Rosalee de la Forêt standing among green plants and holding baskets of herbs

Rosalee de la Forêt, RH, is passionate about inspiring you to enjoy plants every single day, whether it’s marveling their beauty or using their gifts as food and medicine. She is the best-selling author of the books Alchemy of Herbs and Wild Remedies and a registered herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. In addition to writing books, Rosalee has taught thousands of students about herbs through her podcast, YouTube channel, and online courses. Rosalee lives in a log cabin in the Northeastern Cascades of Washington state with her husband.

Emily Han is a naturalist, herbalist, and educator helping people to cultivate their connection with the Earth. From teaching courses to creating recipes, her work weaves elements of ecology, mindful awareness, food, and plant medicine. Emily is the author of Wild Drinks and Cocktails, Wild Remedies, and Mushroom Hunting. Based in Altadena, CA, Tongva/Kizh land, she is also the co-founder of Food Swap Network and a California Naturalist and Master Food Preserver.

Karin Rose

Student Services Coordinator: Karin Rose provides student services and community support. She answers your emails, hosts monthly student meetups, leads the Braiding Sweetgrass book club, helps us gather your questions during medicine making circles, and more. She is an herbalist and aromatherapist, and has a business degree and years of leadership training.

Damiana Calvario

Guest Teacher: Damiana Calvario is teaching Intro to Flower Essences. Damiana's practice blends together her Mexican roots, family's kitchen remedies, Curanderismo studies, western herbal training and Indigenous full spectrum doula training.

Leigh Joseph

Guest Teacher: Leigh Joseph is an ethnobotanist, researcher and entrepreneur from the Squamish First Nation. She contributes to cultural knowledge renewal in connection to Indigenous plant and land-based relationships. She is the co-director and subject of the documentary Walking with Plants, founder of Sḵwálwen Botanicals, and author of Held by the Land: A Guide to Indigenous Plants for Wellness.

We know that Rooted Medicine Circle will help you become a confident home herbalist!

But you don't have to take our word for it! Here's what previous students have to say...

red clover
"This is one of the best classes I have ever taken! I am so much more confident now in my herbal medicine making skills, and it was such a joy to learn from Rosalee and Emily along with the community of learners they nurtured."
– Melissa Hunter

"This course meets you where you are. Whether you are a beginner or have been working with herbs for a while, this class is an amazing way to step up your herbal knowledge and products. I have taken several online courses from very good, reputable companies and have been happy with them. This is hands down the best course I have taken because of the live sessions, the access to the teachers and RMC support staff and the overall positive, supportive environment."
– Kelli

"Rooted Medicine Circle is a one-of-a-kind learning experience you will not regret. It's like having Rosalee and Emily at your side as you journey through making all kinds of medicines and getting to know the plants. They left no stone unturned, offering office hours, support, and ways for the community to connect. [This experience] not only taught me about so many plants and how to make medicines with them but also connected me more to my own surroundings, community, and the natural world."
– Kim Liu

Join the Circle!

Herbal medicine can play an incredible role in your life, and you, as a confident and knowledgeable herbalist, can play an incredible role in the lives of those closest to you—and even the lives of your wider community.

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an herbalist but don’t know how to get started, or if you’re tired and overwhelmed searching for techniques or best practices online, or even if you’re sick of spending hundreds of dollars raiding the supplement aisle in the store, then Rooted Medicine Circle is for you.

But don’t wait!

This 9-month live and interactive course begins on January 31, 2024, so we have to close the doors to new members on January 24 at 5pm Pacific time, and they will not reopen until at least 2025.

And if you want to try it out, remember, we have a risk-free, 14-day Guarantee, so nothing is holding you back!

We are both so proud of the amazing transformations that happen for our students and beginning a new year with a new purpose is an incredible gift you can give yourself.

Where do you want to be in 9 months? 

Do you want to be skipping ads on another YouTube tutorial, wondering if you’ll ever feel like a "real" herbalist?

Or do you want to be reaching into your fully stocked apothecary, confident in your abilities as a home herbalist?

Rooted Medicine Circle is currently Closed.

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"This course helped my competence and confidence tremendously. Having all the good information plus the little tips and tricks of experience as well as the consistency of meeting regularly to make medicine helped me to finally feel like a ‘real’ herbalist."
– Bliss L.

Do You Have Questions?

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions below:

Is Rooted Medicine Circle right for me?

If ...

• You’re tired of skipping around the Internet for bits and pieces of herbal information with questionable accuracy

• You’re ready for an inspiring and comprehensive course that brings everything together in one place

• You want to impress your friends and family with powerful and effective herbal medicines

• You want mentors who will answer your questions and guide you on your journey so you can become a confident and effective herbalist

• You are a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced herbalist who yearns for a deeper connection to the natural world (whether you live in the city, suburbs, countryside, or Northern or Southern Hemisphere)

• You recognize that healing involves more than swallowing an herbal capsule, and you're excited to go deeper by developing relationships with the plants and handcrafting your remedies

• You’re excited (and committed) to being a part of an inclusive community that respects and values all abilities, ages, body sizes, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, races, religions, and sexual orientations

... then Rooted Medicine Circle is
perfect for you!

apple flower
"Rooted Medicine Circle is a transformative experience. Whether you are an experienced herbalist or just beginning your herbal journey, Rooted Medicine Circle will help you grow your skills, develop a reciprocal relationship with plants and reinforce your connection to the planet. Through the introduction of medicine making techniques members are guided to explore plants and their interactions with humans all the while supported by Rosalee, Emily and the Rooted Medicine Circle community. Every experience is like a warm hug and herbal knowledge becomes second nature."
– Susan Kaar

Who won't benefit from this course?

We have carefully created this course for people who want to make strong herbal medicine and feel more deeply connected to nature and the Earth.

But this course isn’t for everyone!

This course isn’t for you if...

• Your idea of health is simply taking herbal pills instead of pharmaceutical drugs

• You want to memorize what herbs are good for without studying the plants themselves 

• You only want to buy herbal medicines rather than learn to create them

• You aren’t interested in learning about the plants, animals, insects, and life that surrounds you

• You are only seeking help for a specific health-related problem

We also offer a
14-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so you can give the course a try and make sure it’s right for you.

What can I do after completing Rooted Medicine Circle?

• Make your powerful herbal remedies like teas, tinctures, capsules, vinegars, oils, and more (over 20 different products)

• Use natural medicines to address your everyday health concerns, from anxiety to zits and a whole lot in-between

• Save money by making your herbal medicines and body care products that are more potent and cheaper than store-bought alternatives

• Be a source of herbal wisdom for your loved ones and wider community

• Safely and sustainably grow, harvest, and process your own herbs

• Create an immersive herbal lifestyle for you, your family, and your friends

• Boost your wellness by integrating herbs into your food and drink

• Experience a deep connection to the living world around you, from plants to animals to soil microbes

prickly pear flower
"This course has given me the tools I need to make herbal medicines. I now have a better understanding of what I could make and how to decide what would be best in any particular situation. I feel more confident in my ability to make these medicines. Conversely, this course has opened up a whole world of medicine making that I had no idea was possible."
– Janie Burlingame

Can't I just learn this information for free online?

There’s an overwhelming amount of information freely available in various blogs, forums, books, and other resources.

But it will take hours, even days, to sort through all the misinformation and outdated information out there. 

Who wants to spend their time sorting through bad information? 

If you’re tired of making mistakes and missteps during your herbalism journey and want a reliable source of information that you have lifetime access to, then Rooted Medicine Circle is for you.

Our approach to herbal medicine making is based on 20 years of herbal experience as makers, teachers, and authors, and we’ve helped tens of thousands of students along the way. 

Our information is straightforward, practical, and nuanced. 

With Rooted Medicine Circle, you’ll be crafting exceptional herbal medicines right from Module 1 without making costly and frustrating mistakes. 

But this course isn’t just about learning the facts of medicine making. It’s also about deepening your relationship with plants and infusing your life with connection, wonder, and joy. 

Rooted Medicine Circle will help you prioritize and sink into the rhythms of the natural world around you, build some incredible knowledge, and forge relationships with like-minded herbalists all over the world.

"I think the most valuable aspect of the course for me was having the structure to focus my herbal journey around. Prior to the course my herbal journey was hit or miss. I would watch a podcast or read a book and focus on a few ideas and maybe a herb or two but had no sustainable way to collect, compile and use the knowledge. The course has given me a structure to work within to manage all the information and new ways to think about my surrounding community."
– Marti M.

Do I need to have cooking, foraging, or gardening experience to make potent herbal medicines?

Not at all! Making exceptional herbal medicines requires knowledge and skill, but this doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in the kitchen, garden, or field. 

Our approach to herbal medicine is accessible and down-to-earth, no matter your confidence, skill, or experience.

Our success is seeing your success, and we are committed to answering your questions and giving you essential tips for making potent remedies without being overly complicated. 

We are known for creative and simple recipes that become family favorites, ones that you reach for frequently. 

And while this course accentuates getting to know the plants and other beings that live around you, foraging, wildcrafting, or gardening are not required.

We provide the guidance you need to help you find quality herbs without growing or harvesting them yourself. (If you do decide to harvest plants, we have ample materials to support you, including our free bonuses Grow! An Herbal Gardening Class and Wildcrafter’s Toolkit.)

St. John's wort
"Before I began Rooted Medicine Circle, I was very curious about plants and herbs and natural ways of healing, but ... I felt that it was this secret science that I didn’t have enough background in [and I wondered] do I belong, should I even take the step of learning? As soon as I joined Rooted Medicine Circle, I realized that both Rosalee and Emily are very gentle instructors that are inclusive. They never make you feel like you’re behind and they let you explore. They accommodate different learning styles. They build your confidence."
– Irelia Ozaeta

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Still undecided?

We get it. 

Committing to becoming an herbalist is a big step that you’ve probably been thinking about making for a while.

But it is a commitment that will repay you time and time again. 

You’ll have a whole new outlook on life and a deeper, more rewarding connection with the living world.

With so much tension in the world, we think of Rooted Medicine Circle as a place where you can find peace and wellness and feel at home.

Rooted Medicine Circle attracts a community of inclusive, like-minded people worldwide, dedicated to making their corner of the planet a better, more positive, and more connected place.

If that sounds like you and something you need, then we can’t wait to meet you.

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"This course seriously changed my life. Not only have I had the most expansive journey getting to know the plants in my area and learning their unique gifts, I've also learned so much about herbal medicine making and it was FUN! This course is not JUST about herbs and medicine making, it's about listening to the plants, exploring your own beliefs, and evolving into a human deeply in touch with this planet. I cannot recommend this journey highly enough."
– Kristin





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